Cedar Surfaces

Using Clearview to clean your cedar surfaces is
70% cheaper than power washing and painting or staining

Clearview uses a soft wash system that only uses 100 psi of pressure and a soap solution. Our method does not destroy the wood fibers by raising the grain or blowing off stain and painted surfaces.

Power washing or pressure washing, that has been around for years, is an older and damaging method of cleaning cedar surfaces. It uses anywhere from 1500 to 4500 psi and is used by painters or commercial guys. Power washing uses high-pressure to remove a layer of wood to make it look new again. By doing this, you remove years of shingle life by causing the coupling of the shingles. You can only do this to shingles about five times after which you will need to replace all of the shingles at major expense. It also rips out all of the soft wood fibers and leaves a grainy look like furrows in a farmers field. These furrows actually allow the mildew to take better grip in the wood just like a plant growing in a farmers field and they allow the mildew and algae to grow and continue to hold water in the shingle. This is what starts the wood to rot. All of the raised furrows from the damaging effects of power washing now soften causing a condition called tip rotting where the fibers all turn black in appearance. The shingle becomes damaged and needs to be replaced if you don’t like that black rotten look they will have.

Clearview uses a soft wash system with Mildaside and algicide sealer.

Here is a typical example: A painting contractor employs the traditional methods of using a damaging power washer to prep and clean the house … let’s say this is a typical 5,000 square-foot cedar home with a cedar roof. The painter charges to power wash and prep the house and the deck. He cannot power wash the roof because of the steepness of the roofline and the pressure causing possible leaking of the roof. So far, the cost is around $2,000 and the contractor says, “Okay, I’ve ripped off all the wood with the power washer and now we have to put a sealer on.” He likes using Thompson water seal or he will recommend that you visit Home Depot and buy it yourself. To effectively treat your house, it will cost about $1,200 in product and will take four guys four days to apply the sealer at approximately $3,000 in labor charges. You have now invested $6,200 and are only doing further damage to your cedar surfaces.

Clearview soft wash system for the same house including the roof, the deck, the fence and your furniture costs only $2,500 – complete! Your cedar surfaces are properly cleaned and remain protected. Remember, the main reason your house looks dirty is due to the black mildew, the mold, the green algae and moss.

Clean your home today with Clearview!