Tim Dalhen

The Safest & Most Effective House Washing System on the Market!

Our patented Soft Wash System is a non-abrasive, low pressure technology that relies on eco-friendly cleaning solutions to gently remove dirt, grit, mold and pollutants from exterior siding. We save you the headache of costly repairs created by powerful pressure washing techniques that damage your siding.
—Tim Dahlen Jr., Clearview President
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House Washing Service

Window Cleaning Service

Our patented Soft Wash System is for used for:
Cedar, Vinyl Siding, Treks, Teak, Mahogany, Pine, CCA, Aluminum Siding, Painted/Stained Surfaces, Homes, Decks, Lawn Furniture, Fences (PVC / Wood), Playgrounds, Awning, Bulkheads / Docks

Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning:
Servicing Eastern Long Island’s North Fork and South Fork for 30 years. Exterior window screen cleaning to remove all contaminants, including pollen.

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