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Vinyl Siding

Power washing vinyl products only blows away the mildew and algae visually, it never kills it. It starts to grow right back within a month.

Clearview soft washing system uses a soap solution to kill the mildew and algacide and coat the surface with a Mildacide and algicide to prevent it from growing back.

We like to treat your house as though the mildew and algae is a growing cancer. For example, we want to clean and treat everything so you get a clean house for a longer period of time. Unlike yearly power washing we make it last three years depending on the conditions of your property. No sunlight hits the house which causes your house to grow fungus faster. If your sprinkler system hits the house as it sprays, our methods help protect the surfaces. We make recommendations covering everything that we see is wrong in order to keep your house staying cleaner for longer.

Cleaning everything is important for longevity. We always clean outdoor furniture for free … here’s why: you have a teak table set that is three years old and looks black due to mildew growth. We put your table on the lawn whilst cleaning your deck and then we clean your table as well to prevent any mildew growth from being reintroduced back to the cleaned deck. You enjoy more longevity with our method of cleaning.

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